Kareena: What makes her No.1?

Bollywood style queen and size zero quotient Kareena Kapoor is proudly sitting at the No.1 throne; for quite some time the highly talented and equally pretty actress refuses to move from the top slot. The only actress to work with the mighty Khan brigade – Salman, Aamir, Shahrukh, Imran and of course Saif is not only the top priority amongst Bollywood producers but also the choice of leading international brands.

What makes her surpass her contemporaries so convincingly?

Well, in words of Siddiqui the maker of her recent mega success ‘Bodyguard’, “Kareena is perfect combo of good looks and talent. She is calm controlled has her unique style and individuality which she brings it in her role.”

Certainly in her powerful career spanning 11 years Kareena has proven her versatility as an actress time and again. If her debut in ‘Refugee’ in 2000 was an underlined intro in bold, ‘Chameli’ was a two thumps up portray by Kareena perfectly balancing the glamour with the gist.

Kareena was at par with the extremely talented Konkana in the difficult role of Dolly in ‘Omkara’ where she shined extraordinarily as an actress with substance in Vishal Bhardwaj’s brilliant adaptation of Othello.

It�s next to impossible to survive in the Bollywood movie industry which is ruled by men but Kareena is a rare example. By her sheer talent and hard work, Kareena has stayed in demand in spite of some not very encouraging results of her films in B.O.

When most of B-town actresses deny their off screen relationships, Kareena has never felt shy to admit her status in the media and public.

The actress has always been a step ahead from her contemporaries as a person and as an actress but commercial success was alluring her though there were no doubts regarding her potentials.

The talented Kareena was looking for a commercial success ink to remove the ‘jink’ tag given to her by her rivals in the industry.

‘Jab We Met’ came and things started changing for Kareena commercially, the movie became a hit and Kareena tasted her first stardom. Even after four years since ‘Jab We Met’ happened, the image of the bubbly girl with full of life refuses to leave your mind. You cannot imagine ‘Jab We Met’ without Kareena.

Managing to hold the limelight in male oriented subjects like ‘Golmaal’ and ’3 Idiots’ and maintaining her space with stalwarts like Mithun da, Ajay, Aamir and Salman, Kareena is the only actress in Bollywood to register in Bollywood 100 crore club as an actress.

The actress is at par with the B-town gold mine Salman like the ‘Dabangg’ Khan Kareena also figures in 3 of Bollywood 100 crore grosser (3 Idiots, Golmaal 3 and Bodyguard) this achievement proudly establishes her as the Queen of Bollywood.

She is gonna stay for long as the lineup is extremely promising beginning with the King Khan Shahrukh Khan in ‘Ra.One’. The highly awaited ‘Agent Vinod’ with none other than Saif, Aamir Khan next probably titled ‘Dhuaan’ and ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ with the youngest Khan Imran Khan.

The next six months will tell us how many more jewels are added to Kareena – the Queen of Bollywood 100 crore club.

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