Kareena Kapoor was the first choice for ‘Rockstar’

We all simply loved Kareena Kapoor’s performance as Geet in Jab We Met. Director Imtiaz Ali thought the same! Thus, when he came up with the idea of his next project Rockstar, his initial choice of the female lead was Kareena Kapoor!

However, since the script of Rockstar required some romantic scenes between the female lead and the lead actor Ranbir Kapoor, he could not rope in Kareena as Ranbir and she are related by blood! To fit in Kareena, he could not think of casting any other lead actor other than Ranbir coz he felt that it was a tailor made role for him and no one else could have portrayed it to perfection other than Ranbir.

In a recent interview, Ranbir Kapoor admitted that Imtiaz was keen to work with Kareena but since she was his (Ranbir’s) sister, things could not work out! Ranbir even said that he would love to work with Kareena in the future, provided the roles are not romantic ones!

Ranbir got candid and also talked about his granduncle, late Shammi Kapoor. He said that working with Shammi Kapoor was a learning and memorable experience for him and the whole team of Rockstar! Ranbir was also all praises for the music composer of Rockstar, A R Rahman.

Rockstar is slated to release on November 11th.

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