Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor afraid of split?

There are rumours about Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor not getting along too well, and gossip mongers say they may even quit! However, a livid Kareena Kapoor clarified that these people spreading such rumours were negative and simply jealous of her and Saif’s rocking relationship.

So how is it that the two haven’t been seen together, and have been maintaining a low profile in the media? “We both are shooting at different locations, baba,” she is heard to have said. The couple is extremely busy with their respective work and films.

Some friends told us that didn’t want the evil eye on them too much and preferred being out of the public glare, trying hard to avoid buri nazar. “That’s not a bad way of looking at it, but Kareena and Saif are really busy. They recently took off time to spend together in Paris. They’ve hardly had time for themselves and found ti best to get away from the rumours and the madness going on in the city,” said a close friend of the actors’.

However, though marriage is on the cards for Saif and Kareena, n date has been fixed yet. Currently, enjoying their professional highs, these two are taking their time in taking their big step.

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