Helen vs. Kareena Kapoor: Who Busted Better Moves in ‘Don?

Action, sex and suspense has made Don one of the sexiest films out of B-town. As the anticipation grows for the sequel , Don the Chase Continues, we thought we reminisces about one of the most sultry item numbers of all time, Yeh Mera Dil, a dance that was originally done in the 1976 Don film.

One of the hottest item dancers of all time Helen, performed this highly provocative dance while she tried to seduce The Don, a character that was originally played by the iconic actor, Amitabh Bachchan.

In 2006 the film was remade and the iconic dance number was back in the film, but this time done by the very sexy Kareena Kapoor.

The dance was hot but did it beat the sexy bombshell Helen’s original moves? You be the judge of that. Check out the videos below and tell us who you think busted out the moves better? The Anglo-Burmese sultry actress Helen? Or Bollywood babe, Kareena Kapoor?

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