Kareena Kapoor takes note of Vidya Balan for Heroine

Kareena Kapoor seems to be way too impressed with Vidya Balan and The Dirty Picture. Kareena was apparently seen at the private screening of The Dirty Picture at Pixon (Pali Hill, Khar, Mumbai) and was extremely impressed with Vidya Balan’s critically acclaimed performance. Kareena Kapoor apparently decided to catch up onThe Dirty Picture at a private screening.

The actress was apparently so impressed with Vidya Balan’s performance that she was keenly observing Vidya’s expressions and dialogue delivery. Kareena is reportedly trying to imbibe and learn some acting techniques that she intends to use in her upcoming Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Heroine.Heroine is also a woman-oriented plot and is on similar lines of The Dirty Picture.

A source quoted telling a leading newspaper that by watching Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture, Kareena wants to ensure that she doesn’t repeat Vidya, and instead put in something unique of her own

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