Kareena Kapoor’s Wedding to Delay Heroine?

Life isn’t all that great for filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar! His first Heroine, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had to leave his ambitious project due to expecting a baby and now his second finalized Heroine, Kareena Kapoor has asked her director to give her sometime off.

Insiders say, ‘Before the current schedule of ‘Heroine’ can end, the second leg of the shoot has been rescheduled as Kareena is to wed her beau Saif Ali Khan around the same time. The idea is to complete the second schedule by the middle of March instead of the end of April, so that Kareena can attend to her wedding and personal life in March and April before she returns to work in May.’

We’re pleased to hear the latest developments on Saifeena’s wedding, but hope Kareena is able to keep her consistency and doesn’t lose the intensity of the role when she resumes filming.

Seems like Madhu has had to pay a huge price to work with popular actresses and we’re not just talking salary wise!

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