Kareena’s closeness with SRK irks Salman

Looks like, Salman Khan doesn’t want to get over his character of bodyguard Lovely Singh who safeguards Kareena Kapoor in his forthcoming film ‘Bodyguard’. No wonder, the superstar sounded so possessive about Kareena and showed his discomfort towards her close proximity with Shah Rukh Khan.

“Kareena and SRK bahut kareeb hain (sic) (Kareena and SRK are very close friends). So, I think, she will have a clear picture about my rivalry status with SRK,” taunted Salman when probed about his current relations with SRK.

If that was not enough, he also went on to say, “I won’t be flattered if Kareena declares me her favourite Khan because whoever she works with becomes her favourite…and she’s worked with everyone/all of us. So, Kareena has no favourite Khan.”

What came as a final blow and cleared all the doubts was when Salman declared himself to be Kareena’s real-life bodyguard and concluded, “Dare anybody even come close to her.”

After listening to this, we can’t say about SRK but Saif Ali Khan surely won’t be comfortable with that statement Salman. Isn’t it Chote Nawab?

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