Kareena demands share of profits

It looks like before signing any film, money has become a very important factor for Kareena Kapoor these days. Apparently, the actress doesn’t seem to mind bending her rules when it comes to charging fees.

Incidentally, the actress, after having agreed to do Madhur Bhandakar’s ‘Heroine’ for Rs. 8 crore, has now asked the makers for a share of profits of the film.

Interestingly, this would be the first time that an actress is making her demands for a share in the revenue much like Bollywood’s top actors Salman and Akshay.

Madhur, who was quite disheartened when his project got shelved after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan backed out due to pregnancy, had desperately approached Kareena for the film.

The director didn’t have an alternative as he wanted his project to see the light of day and hence, agreed to bow down to Kareena’s demands without any fuss.

However, a trade analyst recently informed that this is just a publicity stint and that the close aides of the film are creating the hype to make the flick more popular.

“This is all done to give the film some much needed publicity. Controversies because of Ash’s pregnancy have already given the film the required attention and this clearly looks like another attempt at that,” said the trade analyst.

Kareena insecure of Katrina’s dance number in ‘Bodyguard’?

Much had been said recently about Kareena being quite insecure of Katrina’s hot song number in ‘Bodyguard’.
However when the actress was asked about the rumors of her insecurities, Kareena openly stated that she is not the kind of person who gets insecure about minor things.

“It’s really terrible. People who know me are aware that I am not insecure. I’m not that person. And besides, Katrina’s song is just a rumour. She hasn’t done any song. There’s a 20 second-long shot in which she makes an appearance. I think it’s just a publicity tactic,” said Kareena.

My role in ‘Bodyguard’ is strong, says Kareena

Director Siddique had recently revealed that only Kareena could do justice to the female lead in ‘Bodyguard’ and not any other actress in Bollywood, as the role demanded someone who could live the character.

Fielding a question about her role in the film, the actress without divulging many details about her character stated that her role is strong.

“My role is very strong. The girl is the soul of the film. If you take Divya (her character) out of the equation, there’s no movie,” said Kareena.

Talking further about ‘Bodyguard’, Kareena stated that she had agreed to be part of the film because she is very close to Salman’s sister Alvira, who is the co-producer of the film.

“As a nine or 10-year-old kid, I was Baby’s helper because she was director Suresh Krissna’s assistant on a film called Jaagruti (1993) starring Salman and Karisma. I would pick up her stuff on the sets; so we are very close,” said the actress.

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